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St. John Ambulance, your premier first aid, emergency care and humanitarian service as well as training provider.

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First aid training for public &
Non-emergency ambulance service

Last updated: 4 January 2009

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)


You have no direction where to look for the information you need or answers for your doubts? Check out our FAQ, you may find your answers here, shall you need further  details and clarification, do not hesitate to contact us !

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1. I want to join you all and serves the community, what should I do?
You can check out the information about SJAM membership here, then, fell free to contact us, we shall direct you to the nearest SJAM divisions near you. SJAM divisions is available throughout the country!

2. I dont have any medical or healthcare related knowledge, can I join SJAM?
You don't need any previous first aid or medical experience, as our training will equip you with all the skills you need for the role.

3. I want to attend the first aid training conducted by SJAM Penang, can I know the further details of the courses conducted?
SJAM Penang is the premier first aid training provider in this country, simply check out the course available here. Register with us to get you trained as qualified first aider now!

4. Our company will need to have a group of staffs been trained in first aid, do SJAM able to help us on that?
Sure and we glad to share our expertise with you. We offers various first aid training to meet your company and workplace's needs. Among that is First Aid at Workplace, the course is also recognized by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Human Resources. Check out for more information!

5. Is it every first aid training will have to be conducted in your headquarters? Can SJAM arrange to have training at our own premise?
Yes, we can conduct the training at your own company and premises, we will send our trainers over with the training equipment

6. Is there any minimum age limit to participate in the first aid training?
4 years old, haha... We offers various first aid training ranging from First Aid for Kids (4-6years old) till the young and the adults. Check out
here for the various course available.

7. Our event involved crowds and need to have first aid coverage from SJAM, what shall we do?
We provides first aid standby for events, gathering and activities which requires first aid standby. Kindly
write to us by providing the following information:
i) Date, time and venue of the event
ii) Types of event, eg. sports, concert
iii) Target group of people
iv) Expected crowds
v) Resources required, number of first aiders and ambulances needed ( we shall advice you here upon received your request)
vi) Contact details ( name of person in-charge, position, contact number, mailing address and email)

8. I need to fetch my bedridden family member back home after discharged from hospital, do SJAM can help me on that?
Yes, do contact our Non-Emergency Patient Transport Ambulance Service

9. My family will need to transfer to other hospital for further medical attention, do SJAM provide the service?
Yes, do contact our Non-Emergency Patient Transport Ambulance Service

10. Is St. John Ambulance government body or funded by any governmental department?
SJAM is a self-funding, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), all the operating cost of SJAM is mainly supported by your generous donation. Your SUPPORT and CONTRIBUTION in terms of monetary, equipment, goods, vehicles and others will help us to save lives,  support, train and equip our dedicated volunteers and ambulances for years to come. Support Us!



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