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St. John Ambulance, your premier first aid, emergency care and humanitarian service as well as training provider.

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First aid training for public &
Non-emergency ambulance service

Last updated: 31 July 2011


National Headquarters
State of Penang






State of Kedah

State of Perak

State of Selangor

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

State of Malacca

State of Johore



State of Negeri Sembilan


State of Sabah

Emergency Medical Assistance Service
North East Area
Millennium Combined Adult Division
Julien Traces Combined Adult Division
Radio Signal Unit
Disaster Squad
Chung Ling High School, A1 & AC3 Divisions
Heng Ee High School, CA3, AC18 & NC28 Divisions

Kedah Northern Area

South Perak Area



Johor Bahru Area
Muar Area

Kluang Area

Segamat Area

Area No. 1

10th Seremban Combined Division

Tawau Area

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