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We salute you, Ms. Chew Hoong Ling

Webmaster on 29-Apr-2009 18:53

We salute you, not only you are St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, National Staff Officer (Admin), but your kind and sincere in service for mankind!

Although it was few months back, again, Sin Chew Daily reported your kindness in today's newspaper.

Ms. Chew Hoong Ling donated 60% of her liver to a 13 years old girl who suffered from liver cancer, whom the girl has no relatives connection to her, the girl is totally a stranger to Ms. Chew.
Reported in the news, the girl who came from Cheras Kuala Lumpur, was looking for any potential liver transplant on internet. Ms.Chew who came across with the news online, decided to lend her a hand. It will required you to have a huge bravery when you wish to donate your organ to other people, furthermore, to someone unknown to you. But, Ms. Chew did it.

- Chew showing the scar left on her abdominal region, she named it as "Mercedes Mark"
Picture: Sin Chew Daily

Today, a life of a 13 years old girl has been saved because of your great kindness and bravery. You make us proud, as a volunteer of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM), you demonstrate the greatest in service for mankind.

We salute you! You are the role model for all!

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