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Venue: SJAM Penang Headquarters

Attire: Uniform 2


0730 - Registration

0830 - First Aid (Long Case & Short Case) & Home Nursing Competition

1200 - Closing Ceremony & Prizes Presentation

1300 - End

** Bring along your IC for registration. Submit all forms & cert if not yet do so.

** Handover First aid kits to admin office by 20/3 (Friday). 2 FA Kits for Ambulance Teams while 1 FA Kit for Nursing Teams. 

** Refreshment will be provided for all participants and helpers.

** All school's supporters / parents / family members / officers are welcome!  


The Annual State First Aid and Home Nursing Competition will be scheduled as below:

Date: 17 March 2015 (Tues) 

Venue: S.M.J.K. Chung Ling

0830 - Registration

0900 - Written Test

1000 - Briefing

1030 - Uniform Test & Footdrill Competition

1300 - Competition End

Date: 22 March 2015 (Sun) 

Venue: SJAM Penang Headquarters

0700 - Registration

0730 - Briefing

0800 - First Aid (Long Case & Short Case) & Home Nursing Competition

1200 - Closing Ceremony & Prizes Presentation

1300 - End

Please be informed that the Uniform & Foot Drill Test for State Competition has been re-scheduled on 17th March 2015 (Tues). The tentative venue is at Chung Ling High School.  

Kindly click HERE to download Letter to School for more details.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

This year, we going to use online registration for participants registration. Steps below are to be observed:

1. Get the following information of all participants ready

a. Personal details (name, IC number, home address, contact number, valid email address)

b. First Aid certification information (BFA date, BFA reexam date, Home Nursing date, Home Nursing reexam date)

2. Proceed to Online Registration to key in the necessary details.

3. Secretariat will process your registration, and contact you for giving you the registration form to get relevant verification signature from division officer/teacher advisor and headmaster.

4. Submit the completed Registration Form, Parents/Guardian Consent Form, Relevant Certificates (BFA/HN) to secretariat (SJAM Penang HQ).

5. Done!

** Remember to download all relevant documents in Main Menu --> Download **

First Announcement:

The State First Aid & Nursing Competition 2015 will be held as following:

17/3/2015: Competition Briefing & Written Exam

22/3/2015: First Aid Long Case, First Aid Short Case, Nursing, Foot Drill.

Registration will be open soon. Stay tuned for updates.