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St. John Ambulance, your premier first aid, emergency care and humanitarian service as well as training provider.

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First aid training for public &
Non-emergency ambulance service

Last updated: 4 January 2009

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St. John Ambulance of Malaysia is dedicated in promoting and encouraging all works of humanity and charity without any distinction as to race, class or creed. SJAM has been providing this humanitarian service since 1908 and we are now going into another era.

Today, SJAM Penang expanded the services to include Emergency Medical Assistance Service (EMAS), Non-Emergency Ambulance Service (NEAS), first aid standby for public events and gathering, community dialysis centre and first aid class for everyone, public and workplace. SJAM Penang volunteers are serving the nation sincerely, day after days, and always carry the motto: For the Service of Mankind, helping the sick and the injured.

The operating cost of St. John Ambulance is mainly supported by your generous donation.  Your SUPPORT and CONTRIBUTION in terms of monetary, equipment, goods, vehicles and others will help us to save lives,  support, train and equip our dedicated volunteers and ambulances for years to come.

Donations can be made out to SJAM Penang and addressed to Wisma St John Ambulans, 24A, Jalan Grove, 11400 Penang.

Donations exceeding RM 50 may apply for a tax-exemption receipt from the above address.


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