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St. John Ambulance, your premier first aid, emergency care and humanitarian service as well as training provider.

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Last updated: 19 December 2017

SJAM Penang - South West Area (SWA)

Area Commander : Dr. Abdul Malik Yusoff
Deputy Area Commander : Mr. Syed Aidid bin Syed Muhammad
Area Medical Officer I : Y. Bhg. Tuan Dr. Zainuddin bin Mat
Area Medical Officer II : Y. Bhg. Puan Dr. Hashimah bt Ismail
Area Superintendent (Operations) : Y. Bhg. Tuan Sadaruddin b. Haji Md. Yusoff
Area Superintendent (Nursing) : Y. Bhg. Puan Sri Datin Siti Halus bt Abdullah
Hon. Area Secretary : Mr. Mohd. Rohman bin Md. Nor
Hon. Area Treasurer
: Mdm. Zaharah bt Abu Bakar
Area Staff Officer (Cadet)  : Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Hamid
Area Staff Officer (Welfare & Community Service) : Mdm. Norkhailah @ Rahela Binti Md. Nor
Area Staff Officer (Public Duty) : Mr. Ismail bin Ali
Area Staff Officer (First Aid Training I)
: Mr. Mohd Anuar Bismi bin Mohd. Yusof
Area Staff Officer (First Aid Training II) : Mr. Mohd Azzeem bin Tholkharnain
Area Staff Officer (First Aid Training III)
: Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Mohamad
Area Staff Officer (Nursing)
: Mdm. Hamidah bt. Idin
Area Staff Officer (Record)
: Mr. Helmi bin Omar
Area Staff Officer (Footdrill Training &
: Mr. Kader Shah bin Latiff
Area Staff Officer (Information Technology) : Ms. Mohd Hafiz Ali bin Mohd Anuar
Area Staff Officer (Public Relation)
: Mr. Noorazi bin Omar

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