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St. John Ambulance, your premier first aid, emergency care and humanitarian service as well as training provider.

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First aid training for public &
Non-emergency ambulance service

Last updated: 4 January 2009

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Basic First Aid Course



Basic First Aid


2 days course


Theory, Oral, Practical, CPR


Certificate will be issued by SJAM National Headquarters.  Valid for 3 years.



  1. First Aid Priority
  2. CPR
  3. Difficulty Breathing
  4. Loss of Consciousness
  5. Recording Pulse Rate
  6. Dressings and Bandage
  7. Management of Wounds and Bleeding I
  8. Management of Wounds and Bleeding II
  9. Management of Internal Bleeding and Shock
  10. Injuries to Soft Tissues
  11. Injuries to Bones I
  12. Injuries to Bones II
  13. Injuries to Bones III
  14. Medical Emergencies
  15. Poisoning
  16. Eye, Ear and Nose Injuries
  17. Burns and Scalds
  18. Miscellaneous
  19. Lifting and Handling of Casualty


+6 04 - 828 5972     
+6 04 - 829 3334

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  First Aid Training for Public

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  First Aid Training for SJAM Members

  • Essential of First Aid Course
  • Basic First Aid Course
  • Advanced First Aid Course
  • First Aid Trainer - Train the Trainers Course
  • Basic Home Nursing Course
  • Advanced Home Nursing Course
  • Basic Life Support + AED Course
  • Basic Life Support Instructor Course
  • Basic Ambulance Care Course
  • Basic Ambulance Care Instructor Course
  • Pre-Hospital Care Course

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